Montrose/Delta/San Miguel/Ouray

Transit Feasibility Study

Final Report


The files for the Final Report are presented in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.


Each chapter is provided as a separate file.


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Table of Contents  
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Chapter I Introduction
(1,106 KB)
Chapter II - Part 1 Socioeconomic and Community Background
(1,599 KB)
Chapter II - Part 2  
(3,117 KB)
Chapter II - Part 3  
(6,496 KB)
Chapter II - Part 4  
(1,638 KB)
Chapter II - Part 5  
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Chapter III Existing Services
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Chapter IV Survey Results
(380 KB)
Chapter V Demand for Services
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Chapter VI Service Alternatives
(1,003 KB)
Chapter VII Capital Considerations
(201 KB)
Chapter VIII Institutional and Operational Alternatives
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Chapter IX Financial Alternatives
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Chapter X Recommendations
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Appendix A Profiles of Local Providers
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Appendix B Employer Survey Questionnaire
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Appendix C Employee Survey Questionnaire
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