Boone County Coordinated Transportation Service


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Final Report (Full Document without Appendices)
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Appendices (All Appendices)  
(9,254 KB)
Executive Summary  
(968 KB)
(359 KB)
Table of Contents  
(76 KB)
Chapter I Introduction
(180 KB)
Chapter II Terminology
(108 KB)
Chapter III Previous Plans and Studies
(149 KB)
Chapter IV Summary of Key Interviews
(125 KB)
Chapter V Summary of Data Collection Efforts
(105 KB)
Chapter VI Transit Provider Summary
(292 KB)
Chapter VII Human Services Agency Summary
(3,308 KB)
Chapter VIII Community Characteristics
(1,967 KB)
Chapter IX Transit Demand Assessment
(1,150 KB)
Chapter X University Input
(778 KB)
Chapter XI Agency Client Survey Results
(449 KB)
Chapter XII Community Survey Results
(519 KB)
Chapter XIII Potential Funding Sources
(250 KB)
Chapter XIV Potential for Coordination
(385 KB)
Chapter XV Implementation Steps
(130 KB)
Appendices Cover
(709 KB)
Appendices Table of Contents
(32 KB)
Appendix A Survey Questionnaires
(160 KB)
Appendix B Letter of Support
(723 KB)
Appendix C Transit Systems
(744 KB)
Appendix D Agency Contact Information
(260 KB)
Appendix E Survey Responses
(3,752 KB)
Appendix F Demand Estimates
(255 KB)
Appendix G TCRP Trip Rates
(160 KB)
Appendix H University Questionnaires
(280 KB)
Appendix I MU Student Survey Comments
(143 KB)
Appendix J University -- City/County Needs
(128 KB)
Appendix K University Survey Comments
(154 KB)
Appendix L Agency Client Questionnaire
(169 KB)
Appendix M Agency Client -- City/County Needs
(136 KB)
Appendix N Agency Client Comments
(69 KB)
Appendix O Community Questionnaire
(168 KB)
Appendix P Community -- City/County Needs
(137 KB)
Appendix Q Community Survey Comments
(170 KB)
Appendix R Missouri Revised Statues - Taxation
(1,519 KB)





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